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Work with an Agent

Advantages of Working with an Agent

Are you debating working with an independent insurance agent like DRY Insurance or buying your insurance online? While you might be tempted to buy online, there are a variety of problems and inconveniences that commonly occur with online buying. Consider the many advantages of working with an independent agent.


Online Vs.  Independent Agent

Buying Insurance Online Vs. Working with an Independent Agent

Online: You can’t talk to real person one-on-one.

Agent: You receive personal, one-on-one communication and service.

Online: You are just an email address or a phone number.

Agent: You are a real person, known by your agent.

Online: Your access to products and carriers is extremely limited.

Agent: Your agent represents multiple companies and carriers, so he can offer you a broad range of products.

Online: You are limited to corresponding through electronic communication – there is no real office to visit.

Agent: You can visit a local office right in your hometown.

Online: You feel like the company doesn’t care about customer service; for example, you never receive follow-up calls ensuring you are satisfied with your service or coverage.

Agent: You receive regular follow-up visits or phone calls to ensure you are pleased with your coverage and claim service.

Online: You don’t know who you are working with, and he or she likely lives nowhere near your home or community.

Agent: Your agent works in and supports your local community.

Online: You don’t have anyone searching in-depth for the best possible coverage to meet your unique needs.

Agent: Your agent is an expert on advising you on the choices you have available that offer the best pricing as well as best meet your individual needs.

Online: When you have a claim, you get to talk to your computer.

Agent: When you have a claim, you can talk to your agent and receive personal, local claim service.

Online: No one has a personal interest concerning your insurance coverage or is regularly reviewing your coverage.

Agent: Your agent performs a periodic review of your insurance coverage to look for ways to save money or enhance your coverage.

Online: You do not have the ease of one-stop insurance shopping.

Agent: Your agency provides you with one-stop insurance shopping, providing all the coverage you need.

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