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Surety Bonds

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license and permit bonds

The DRY Insurance Group is a full service bond outlet. Most surety bonds fall under license and permit bonds. These bonds are generally required to obtain a license or permit in any city or county.

License and Permit Bonds apply to many different professionals and businesses that we encounter every day as consumers.

The License Bond is used to ensure that a professional service provider is qualified to do business and will abide by whatever state law, statute, ordinance, or regulation requires.

We can issue more than a thousand types of license bonds. These can vary from a mortgage broker bond to an auto dealer bond all the way to health care professionals and construction contractors.

A contract surety bond is a bond that typically deals with the performance at some or all stages of a construction project. Chances are a project owner has told you that you need a surety bond to be a contractor on their project. There are several different types of contract surety bonds to familiarize yourself with before you enter into a contract. Our contract surety bonds include bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds and maintenance bonds.

Court and Probate Bonds are commonly used as a financial guarantee to the court in a variety of proceedings. Court bonds guarantee that parties are protected from financial loss stemming from a court proceeding.

A probate bond is used to protect the deceased and beneficiaries from fraud or embezzlement of the estate or assets. These bonds are often referred to as estate or executor bonds.

Two other types of court bonds include guardianship bonds and appeal bonds. Appeal bonds typically require 100% collateral and are required by the court prior to any appeal. A Guardianship bond, also called a custodian bond, guarantees that the legal guardian of a minor or handicapped.

Whatever bond you may need, the DRY Insurance Group can help you find it. Please call one of our bond specialists at 1-800-437-9467 to get more information.

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