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Life and Health Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life insurance helps to financially protect your family in the event of your death. It can help make sure that when you die the financial needs of your family members are taken care of. There are several different kinds of life insurance policies to choose from and that is why the DRY Insurance Group is here to help.

Term life insurance is the most affordable kind of life insurance. It’s also the easiest to understand. It comes in predetermined lengths of time, or terms, of 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years during which the company offers level premiums that are guaranteed not to increase. As long as you keep paying your life insurance premiums, your life insurance company cannot cancel your policy.

If your place of employment offers you life insurance, it’s a good idea to purchase your own independent policy. The reason behind that is that once you leave that company, you would no longer have a valid life insurance policy.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals. Buying health insurance is a big decision. It’s complicated, it’s expensive, and it can have big financial implications. Consider your age, gender, and family medical history.

At a very minimum, plan to buy a high deductible health plan, which is also referred to as catastrophic coverage. In a nutshell, a high deductible plan offers a lower premium, and you pay most routine expenses out of pocket. If you have a serious accident or become seriously ill, your insurance coverage will kick in once you reach your deductible.

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